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Handcrafted Men's Rings

Handcrafted Buffalo Horn Rings

Our Buffalo horn and wood rings are truly unique to South Africa.

We source the horn ethically from a certified wildlife product trader, and pair it with high-quality wood that meets the standards for premium music instruments. The wood is sealed and water resistant.

Buffalo horn is highly resilient and long-lasting, and we finish it to achieve a smooth and comfortable matte core that is truly magnificent.

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Handcrafted Carbon Fibre Rings

The newest members to our range,
handcrafted Carbon Fibre Rings.

Carbon Fibre is extremely durable, light and versatile.

We manufacture these rings from scratch and have a wide variety of inlays, sleeves, textures and tints available.

Here we have a Carbon Fibre ring core with a 9k gold band and Engineered Stone sleeve.

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Carbon Fibre Rings

Carbon Fibre Rings, the Innovative Alternative to Traditional Rings!

We craft our rings with your comfort, style, and individuality in mind, giving you a lightweight, durable, and exceptionally comfortable ring.

  • Carbon Fibre Ring core with partial stone sleeve and 9kt gold inlay

  • Carbon Fibre Core with Steampunk inlay (genuine watch parts)

  • Carbon Fibre Core with gold Mica veins and partial Tamboti wood sleeve

We believe jewellery should tell a story

This is why all our rings are made with interesting, conversation starter materials.

Imagine showing your ring to someone and telling them your ring's unique origin story. A perfectly crafted sterling silver ring with an inlay made from a piece of Cape Buffalo horn and the legendary South African Leadwood, joined by a subtle crushed opal line, all perfectly presented in a uniquely crafted Ironwood ring box.

Our products are so much more than a ring, it is legendary.

  • Oryx horn and Purpleheart wood

    Silver core with a Oryx horn, Purpleheart wood and red crushed opal inlay

  • Rose gold and Ironwood

    Stainless steel core with a rose gold and Ironwood inlay

  • Kudu horn and Wenge wood

    Silver core with a Kudu horn, Wenge wood and black crushed opal inlay

  • Oryx horn and Camelthorn wood

    Silver ring with Oryx horn, Camelthorn wood and black crushed opal inlay

Somestuff CC t/a Bezalel Atelier

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